A Prayer of Reverence

For all its simplicity the Lord’s Prayer is an astonishingly powerful summation of the Christian life. It shows us our standing in God’s family, it shows us how we are to deal with sin, trials and temptations in our lives. It shows us how we are to respond to those who hurt or wrong us. It shows us that God’s people are to stand united and in constant support of one another. It shows us we are protected and secure and that Satan has no power over us. But above all this, it shows us that God is Holy. Everything is in HIS hands; all power in heaven and on earth belongs to HIM alone for all time and all eternity.

 “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen”

Matthew 6:13 KJV

 God the Father?

How humbling is that one line to our overly self-indulgent, independent society. Christians hold tightly to the idea that God is our Father, but we no longer see Fatherhood as intended.   Think of all the fathers you see on TV or in the movies. Now think of how a good part of fathers today act within their families. The idea of the father has been so diluted, and warped that it’s no wonder we can no longer comprehend God’s function as not only loving protector but also as an authority to respected and obeyed.

As society has gradually allowed the role of the father to shift, it has had a direct impact on our concept of God. Fathers are a reflection and example of who God is to His people.   If Homer Simpson was even a small reflection of who God is, would you have any level of faith in God’s ability to break down the walls of sin & temptation in your life? Would you even want Him to?

 A Poor Reflection

It’s not surprising then that the world today has little interest in a relationship with God, much less His Son. It is up to us, as Christians, to begin to change our perceptions of who God really is regardless of the poor reflections we are see each day. In fact, if you are a father, your job is reflecting God to your children. If you are wife or child it is up to you to allow Dads to be the reflection God intended.

The more we regain the fearful reverence of a God who holds “the kingdom, the power and the glory” for all eternity, the more others will be able to see Him that way as well. I for one, have no problem believing a God like that, my Daddy, can break down any wall at all! And believe me when I say I can’t wait to shout about it to everyone I meet!

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